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Almost 50 countries around the world

All TIER 1 EU countries

All real mobile carriers in every country


What is 3G Proxy?

3G/4G Mobile network

We offer the largest 3G / 4G mobile internet proxy testing solution which provides easy access to our worldwide network of 3G/4G modems and your own mobile IP’s on real mobile networks


Our technology allows mobile Advertisers, Ad & Affiliate Networks, Content & VAS providers and Ad verification systems to test their services by using mobile carriers worldwide

Use cases

Test user flows and payments, analyse competition and run compliance tests using mobile carriers around the world (140+ mobile operators in 45+ countries)

What can you test?

Mobile Internet

Test your localized content as if you were in your requested foreign country, using your mobile phone. How does your mobile content looks like in those countries and through mobile internet over selected operators? Browse, verify and get feedback on your ads, services and campaigns worldwide.

Premium SMS

Check out immediately, if the billing of your content or services has been carried out correctly. With 3G Proxy you ensure that your payment flow is checked and you don’t take risk of losing money.

Bulk SMS & IVR Services

Are you Bulk SMS really being delivered on time and the way they should be? Use 3G Proxy to test, if the appearance of your Bulk SMS reaches your customers as demanded by you, regardless of country and carrier.

Direct Carrier Billing

Are your mobile payment systems reliable in foreign countries and have your customers really a seamless payment experience? Use 3G Proxy to test your mobile payment and see if your customers can purchase your product or service through mobile web services, in-app payments, or paid applications.

Mobile ads and videos

Watch ads and videos as real mobile users would see and experience them on their mobile device. With 3G Proxy you get access to real 3G & 4G Modems with integrated SIM cards of every mobile operator worldwide.

Who is it for?

Mobile Advertisers, Content & VAS providers

Ad & Affiliate networks

Mobile payment aggregators

AD Verification systems

Bulk & IVR Providers

Software & App developers



Instead of Internet Service Providers, we use real SIM cards and offer the most advanced mobile proxies


We provide our customers with more opportunities to test their products from the perspective of a mobile phone user


Get access to 3G Proxy via our web interface or through the API


3G Proxy is the most reliable system in the world of mobile proxies and is available 24/7

Why 3G Proxy?

140+ Mobile carriers

We offer the largest selection of mobile operators in over 40 countries

Real SIM Cards

Use our real SIM Cards and test from your browser or even your mobile phone - Never get blocked again and avoid the fake user agent problem

4G Proxies

Our solution allows you to test your services using high speed mobile carrier Internet

Min. 3 SIM Cards per Carrier

No need for reserving SIM Cards any more – your requested SIM card is ALWAYS available and ready for you to test

API available

Easy use of our API – integrate 3G Proxy into your systems and start automated testing for you or your customers



Security and Privacy of our customers have the highest priority – through encrypted data and connections

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