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General questions

How many countries can I access on my account?

As many as you want! Check out our coverage HERE and choose the ones that fit to your business.

Can I exchange my countries in the package I subscribed to?

Yes, you can exchange the countries any time.

Do you have an API?

Yes, please request the documentation from your personal 3G proxy account manager.

How do I setup the proxy on my mobile device?

You can modify your active WLAN connection on your mobile device(tablet, smartphone, smart TV etc.) and set up and HTTP Proxy using the IP of our proxy server and the PORT of the selected device. If you need more help on this process please check out the “how to” videos on our YouTube channel HERE.

What about messages that are arriving on device while I don't have an active session?

Please make sure to have an active reservation at the time you are expecting the arrival of the message otherwise we can not match the message to your account.

Can I test more devices simultaneously?

Yes, you can reserve as much devices as you want at the same time.

Does your proxy solution support iOS and Android devices as well?

Yes, this technology is supported by all operating systems.

Which different use cases can you offer for your service?
    • 1. Reservation based model:
      • Once you get your login details you can sign in to the 3G proxy web dashboard at
        To start your test session, you need to reserve a country, carrier and a sim card for an optional specific time range. The chosen sim card will be dedicated to you until your session expires. After reserving the sim card you can test using the browser plugin, the desktop application or your personal mobile device.
    • 2. API model:
      • For individual programmatic use cases we offer an API. Using the API you can trigger different actions which are described in the documentation such as accessing a sim cards 3G connection or sending/reading messages etc. With this testing model you are not restricted to the functions of our web interface but you can set up your own use case however it fits to your business.
For which browsers can I adjust the 3G Proxy plugin?

We developed a plugin for Google Chrome which enables you to select a mobile carrier and change the proxy settings of your browser automatically. For all other browsers you can easily set up the 3G/4G connection using the IP of our proxy server and the PORT of the selected device.

Do you have customer support?

We offer a 24/5 support via email and skype.

Commercial questions

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends of how you use proxies. Therefor it’s customisable. For pricing, please contact us

Do you offer discounts on large usage?
Yes, please contact our customer service.

Need more help?

Send us a message and our support team will assist you