We provide our customers with the largest and most reliable mobile proxy testing solution. 3G Proxy uses latest cutting edge technology and provides you with an access to our large network mobile proxies worldwide

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How it works

What makes 3G Proxy better


Compared to others in the market we have a strong, much more stable and reliable technical solution.


It was improved and developed in cooperation with our customer base. Our dashboard is self-explanatory.


We cover already 43 GEOs in our portfolio (140+ carriers) and are still adding new countries every month. The current focus is on Middle East & Asia.

What can you test?

Mobile internet

Would you like to check how your mobile internet site is displayed to your customers in a foreign country? Use the 3G Proxy Web interface (or directly your mobile device) and get access to our real SIM cards from every mobile operator. Our SIM cards are directly hosted in the country where you would like to test your product. The system works as you would be physically in your tested location (even if it is on the other side of the world) and test your mobile services, offers, campaigns wherever you are.


We provide you with access to mobile internet which is offered by mobile carriers in your preferred country. You can check your website behaviour and browsing speed. Choose a country and a mobile carrier and browse through your websites, mobile services and offers.

Premium SMS & Direct Carrier Billing

With direct access to our SIM cards (which are hosted directly at our partners worldwide) – you can test Premium SMS and Direct Carrier billing. Make sure that your mobile web services, campaigns or paid applications (or even in-app-purchases) are making money. Does your payment flow works correctly worldwide? Access our easy to use Web-interface and start testing immediately. You can also use directly use your mobile device in order to test.


Either you are an international VAS provider who wants to test mobile payments or an affiliate network who verifies his mobile impressions, clicks and conversions – with 3G Proxy nothing is easier than that. Ensure that your payment page looks the way it should be with every mobile operator in your tested countries and get reliable results. As an advertiser you can ensure that even in countries without your presence – digital products are displayed correctly to end users in every country.

Bulk SMS

There are many use cases for Bulk SMS – companies often use Bulk messaging for marketing purposes or to send PIN codes (verify payments etc.). Those companies (e.g. banks) are relying that Bulk SMS always reach their customers and do this without further delays. 3G Proxy allows you exactly that – to test Bulk SMS campaigns through all your desired mobile carriers and to check reliability among them. Confirm all letters and numbers in your messages are displayed the way you intended.


Using 3G Proxy you are able to control if direct communication between you and your customer happens without any interruption or unintentional time delay across all mobile carriers.

Who is it for?


Depending on the market and the mobile operator – content is displayed in various ways. Are users really seeing your content as you want them to see it? Can they access your content easily and without any pitfalls? By using 3G Proxy – you can make sure that mobile internet webpages or payment websites are correctly displayed to end users everywhere, in your home country as well as for clients on the other side of the world. Don’t waste your money and use 3G Proxy right from the start, if you plan to attract customers in foreign markets and want to assure the best user experience for them.


Are you interested to see what other content providers are doing in your desired markets? Then use 3G Proxy to check out what content your competitors present in existing markets and which services, offers or ads they run.


Affiliate networks are responsible for tracking all clicks, conversions and impressions through their network and need to keep the quality of their services high. 3G Proxy allows you to test your Affiliate network behaviour over mobile operators.


By using 3G Proxy, Ad & Affiliate networks can test mobile clicks and redirects to mobile offer pages with a 3G connection. With our product, it is easy to verify and approve offers. Automated monitoring (via API) is also possible and ensures that offers are not switched after approval. By using 3G Proxy – Ad & Affiliate networks make sure that their clients see the actual content, as a genuine 3G user would experience it. More and more Ad & Affilliate networks are switching to 3G Proxy to establish themselves as reliable partners for their clients.

Mobile payment aggregators

Mobile Payment Aggregators develop mobile payment solutions which they provide via API to Content Providers. Therefore, it is critical for Mobile Payment Aggregators to reassure to their clients seamless processes and payment flows throughout all mobile carriers. Using 3G Proxy, Mobile Payment Aggregators can test these payment flows for their partners (Advertisers), as well as Premium SMS, Direct Carrier Billing, Bulk messages and IVR billing.


While directly in partnership with mobile carriers and integrating the mobile payment gateway using carriers network – Mobile Payment Aggregators can access the 3G Proxy API for testing their services and therefore can win new clients.

Ad Verification Systems

Are you operating an Ad Verification System? 3G Proxy enables your system to scan ads based on 3G mobile carrier IPs. By using 3G Proxy you allow your clients to scan live campaigns that are targeting specific mobile users.


While existing solutions enable you to crawl pages and look for fraud advertisements, there is a high chance to miss many ads which are targeting 3G users only. With our provided 3G Proxy infrastructure you get access to over 130+ mobile carriers in 40+ countries. By using our technology, which will complement your Ad Verification System, you are able to offer your customers secure tools to prevent fraudulent advertising. Integrate our API to your system and target ads using a 3G connection with various mobile carriers of your choice.

Our 3G Proxy tools

Web interface

Our easy to use web interface contains of a dashboard which allows you to quickly find and test what you need. Reserve your SIM cards from 140+ worldwide mobile operators for a time that suits you, or start testing your mobile campaigns or services immediately!




Select Country & Mobile Carrier
with your Plugin


Activate your mobile carrier
based proxy


Start browsing in different
mobile networks

Experience ads, web sites, games, applications etc. as mobile users would experience them in different countries and through various mobile carriers

SMS delivery testing

With the Plugin – the testing of SMS delivery is easy as never before!

Emulation of all common devices

You can also emulate different devices! Therefore you not only know how your ads, campaigns etc. are experienced by users worldwide, but also how your products are seen through all popular models of Tablets, Mobile devices or browsers.


For customers from the Ad or Affiliate Industries who do automated testing and have big data usage, we developed an additional tool for testing purposes – our 3G Proxy API.

Through the API you can get direct access to our infrastructure, technology
and therefore to our worldwide distributed SIM cards.

Especially for companies that offer Ad Verification or Ad Spying systems, an API integration benefits their business. Using the 3G Proxy API makes programmatic testing easy as never before! Partners can integrate the API into own systems and target ads and landing pages using a 3G connection with various mobile carriers of their choice.

Integration of the 3G Proxy API takes only few hours and let you use our worldwide network of 3G/4G modems with your own mobile IP’s.

If you are interested in our API – our project managers and developers can provide you with the documentation. Just contact us and let’s have a call!

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