You know already our easy-to-use Dashboard. But as we want to make your (work) life even easier – we now are introducing our Plugins for the most used browsers (Chrome and Firefox).

With all of these functions you can test any kind of user flows end to end by using ONLY the plugin without touching the dashboard.

Where do I get the Chrome and Firefox Plugins?

Well, that’s easy 🙂

Download Chrome plugin

Download Firefox plugin

Is a Dashboard not enough?

Well, basically it is 😉

BUT – While using the dashboard, you can access all of the extended 3G Proxy functionalities such as the Calendar, historical statistics or extended proxy details. Those tools are great, but you might not need them every day. Therefore we made it very simple for you by developing our user friendly Plugin.

By using the plugin you access the most important functions that you need every day while testing your digital products, services and applications. Fast, easy, direct.

How to use the Plugins?

We designed the process for using the Plugins very intuitive and easy to understand.

1. Select Country & Mobile Carrier with your Plugin

2. Activate your mobile carrier based proxy

3. Start browsing in different mobile networks and experience ads, web sites, games, applications etc. as mobile users would experience them in different countries and through various mobile carriers


What are the use cases?

Using the 3G Proxy Plugins, you can test the following:

+ Mobile Internet
+ Premium SMS
+ Bulk & IVR Services
+ Direct Carrier Billing
+ Fraudulent Advertising

Did you know that you can use the plugin also for SMS delivery testing?


Bonus: Emulation of all common devices

One of the advantages of our Plugin is that you can select any kind of user agent that your offer requires. Whether your targeted audience are android, tablet, iOS or microsoft users – you can simulate their behaviour by using our “user agent feature”. Simply choose the requested desktop/mobile device/tablet and experience your product as your audience is seeing it!


Extra-Bonus: Testing with multiple proxies:

If you have many services to test in different countries, you have the possibility creating multiple active proxies at the same time. You can easily switch between the active devices using the window of the plugin. This way you can finish all your tests in no time and launch your products as soon as possible.

By using 3G Proxy’s Plugin you will gain time through faster testing and therefore you can launch your service and  earn money sooner. The phrase “Time is money” is especially true in our business – therefore we are happy to help! 🙂