We are looking for …


(program stručnog osposobljavanja)

Become a member of 3G Proxy team! We would love to have you working with us on the world’s largest mobile carrier based proxy solution.


We are currently looking for 3 software developers to join and help us to drive forward our delivery capability. Our goal is to help you on start of your carrier, educate and teach you, give you necessary experience by working in international company, and make you junior or medium software developers by the end of intership program.

What we ask you to know before you apply

  • Fluent in English
  • Basic knowladge of tehnologies bellow
    • Object-oriented programming language (Java or C#)
    • SQL and/or NoSQL database
  • Ability to pick up technologies quickly and learn new skills.


Our only desire is you to be motivated, dedicated and passionable.


  • Fun place to hang with multinational and culturally diverse people
  • Great company culture.
  • Team Buildings and team hangouts (if you like)
  • Office kitchen full of healthy and less healthy snacks and soft drinks
  • Low email and phone communication
  • Flexible working hours
  • Switch from office to remote and back when you need or like

Any cadidate who shows good progress in their coding skills and contribute to company goals during his/her interships, will be offered by work agreement after intership. As well, in April 2022, there will be first evalulating key performance idicator (KPI) for interns so we can evaluate progress of candidates, where candidates can receive additional funds on top.

Meet us before you apply!

We want to know who we will work with and we want to show you who we are, where and how we work. So before you apply, take 30 minutes of your time, come to visit us in our office, take a look at code, office, team and let’s meet up in person (or virtualy if you want)! Then you can decide where you will apply.

To schedule meeting, please leave your details bellow and one of our collegues will get back to you to schedule visit